Thursday, November 1, 2007

Are you speaking YOUR truth?

Do you speak your truth, or do you
speak what you think people want you
to say?

What is your truth?

How do you know if you are speaking your truth, or

I have found, for me, that when I am speaking my truth,
I am speaking from the "knowingness" in my gut and the
energy flows from that place up to my mouth.

When I am not speaking my truth, I have found that
the energy is coming from my head, down to my mouth.

It is a subtle feeling, however with practice I have been
able to notice the difference.

That feeling may or may not be the same for you.

One of the greatest things that you can be aware of,
is knowing when you are and when you are not speaking
YOUR truth.

How often does it happen, that you really think, feel, believe
one thing, but you speak something completely different to
the person, or people, you are with.

Why do we do this?

Some common reasons are, wanting to impress people, wanting
to fit in, to not get in trouble, to move up in a company, to manipulate,
wanting to be liked, or we just don't know what OUR truth is.

How can we possibly not know our own truth?

We may not know our own truth because we have spent most
of our lives living other peoples truths. We have been doing
what we are "supposed to do" rather than what "we were
naturally born to do".

We have lived our lives doing what our parents, teachers, bosses,
governments, friends, commercials, news, t.v. shows, movies,
music and family members have told us we "should do" or "have
to do"

You really want to be happy?

Take some serious self reflection time and go deep
within your mind, body and soul and find YOUR
divine truth.

And once you discover YOUR truth, live and speak only
your truth 100% of the time.

Now to do this, it takes practice and self awareness. Pay
attention to the words you speak and the actions that you take.

Do those words and actions reflect you inner truth?

Pay attention and be willing to step out of your comfort zone.
If you have lived your life not speaking your truth, it may
be uncomfortable to make that switch.

People around you may have a hard time with it. But you
know what, tough for them! They will adjust to the new you.

To express true self love and respect to yourself,
speak and live YOUR truth.

When you love and respect yourself and express that
to the world, the world will love and respect you back.

That is the Universal law.