Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Much Have You Loved In Your Life?

When you are on your death bed, taking your last few breaths, it will not matter how much money you had, how many toys you had or what job titles you held.

All that will matter is how much you loved.... How much capacity you had to give and receive unconditional love

Take a look at your life so far.... Are your priorities in order???

With that, I send you infinite love....

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Focus On Gratitude!

Remember, what you focus on
expands..... So focus on what
you are grateful for! Focus
on Gratitude!!!!

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Live An Inspirational Life With The Law Of Attraction

Enjoy this inspirational video about using The Law Of Attraction to live an inspirational life:

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

In A Funk?

Do you ever have those days or
those moments, where you just
don't feel right? You just feel
in a funk?

Of course you do! We all do!

Here are a few ideas to help you get out
of it quickly:

  • Change your current environment. Go for a walk, go to a coffee shop, the park, the mall, a movie or anywhere to change your environment and shift the energy
  • Put on some music that you like. Play music that has a good vibe to it and typically makes you feel good
  • Take a shower or a bath. Even if you already took one. The refreshing water can sometimes 'wash away' the negative energy
  • Call a friend or family member who is uplifting. Don't call them to complain or unload your 'stuff' on them. Just call to have a conversation about whatever. Sometimes we feel that funk because a lack of human connection or 'positive person' connection
  • Do some writing. Write down your feelings. Writing down your feelings is a great way to release them.
  • Write down positive affirmations.
  • Write down your goals and intentions. Put your focus on the great things you intend on manifesting in your life.
  • Read an uplifting book
  • Watch an uplifting movie
  • Go volunteer somewhere. Find a stranger to be of service to in some way
  • Find a way to give something, whether it be time, money, a smile or anything that will benefit another human being. Giving is the greatest way to raise your energy vibration and feel better
  • If you are home alone, scream as loud as you can. Or punch a pillow. Some times you just need to release pent up negative energy
  • Do whatever hobby or activity that brings you joy. Even if you feel you 'should' be doing something else, don't. Do something that feels good for you.
  • Laugh. Start with fake laughing and a lot of times, if you keep it up, it will turn into real laughter
  • Think of someone you have been holding onto negative feelings towards and write them a letter of forgiveness and focus on the feeling of forgiveness. You do not need to give them the letter. It just feels good to write it and truly forgive someone
  • Stop doing everything, close your eyes and take three or more deep slow breathes and focus on relaxing your body and quieting your mind
  • Stand outside for a little while and bask in the sun light or moon light and breathe in the outside air. Spending too much time indoors can sometimes cause us to feel in a funk
I hope these quick tips help you. Remember, you're human, we all have times when we feel a little off and down. It's okay. You can stay in that funk if you choose, or choose to do something different and change your feeling.


Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

In This Moment Choose Love

In every moment you have the freedom
to choose what you feel, choose what
you think and choose your actions.

So in this present moment, right now,
choose love.

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Difference Between Ego And Higher Self

Learn to know the difference between
The Ego and your Higher Self, the
spirit within you.

Begin to ask your Higher Self for inner guidance
and clarity in your life. The answers will

You must learn to know the difference between
Your Higher Self and Your Ego.

When you master this, life will become much
easier for you.

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Inspirational Quote - Neale Donald Walsh

"Your life was never meant to be a struggle,
and it doesn't have to be, now or ever."
-Neale Donald Walsh-

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wayne Dyer/God Tells You It's Time For Change

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explains
'How God Tells You It's Time For Change'

If you are not living your Highest Purpose,
The Universe will give you a friendly

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lessons From The Ocean Birds

Today I was walking on the beach
here in beautiful San Diego. I
find when I walk on the beach
I am always very inspired by
the ocean birds.
I find they
teach me many lessons, when I
am in touch with my inner awareness.

I am inspired by them in many ways.

Today I was fascinated by this bird
sitting in the ocean water of the bay.
He was just sitting there floating on
the water, letting the flow of the ocean
carry him. I could feel his peacefulness,
as if he was in a state of meditation.

This bird reminded me of the importance
of stillness and letting the Universal flow
carry me. To take time and stop 'doing'
and practice 'being'.

As I continued my walk along the
glorious ocean, a flock of birds
flying over me reminded me
of another very important lesson.
The lesson of togetherness.

Birds fly in flocks so that they can
travel further with less effort.
When a bird flies alone, it can
only go so far. When a flock
flies together, they increase their
overall energy together and
can travel hundreds of miles
with minimal effort.

When I was younger my independence
was always very important to me.
I was always of the firm belief that
I did not need anyone. I could
be alone and be completely happy
if it came down to it. I would
actually keep friends, family, romantic
partners at a distance, to make
sure to maintain my individuality.

Over the past several years that has
changed. We ALL need each other.
We are all stronger together. We
can all accomplish so much more
and achieve greater happiness
when we work together and support
each other.

Embrace your fellow human beings,
love your brothers and sisters. If
someone offers a helping hand, accept
it with gratitude. If you are struggling
in any area of your life, ask for help.
We are all here to work together, support
and love one another unconditionally.

Pay attention to nature and the animals.
They are here to teach us many lessons.
They are teaching us all the time, we
just need to pay attention.


Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Famous Quote - Washington Irving

"Great minds have purposes,
others have wishes."
- Washington Irving -

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Am Now Expanding and Increasing Love Energy

Yesterday I was hanging out by myself
in Downtown San Diego. Walking around
with my laptop,stopping places writing
or eating and just enjoying the day.

That morning I was reading 'A Return To Love',
by Marianne Williamson.
After reading this
amazing book, I was inspired to write down
a new affirmation to focus on. I believe that
this affirmation will naturally attract anything
that my Highest Self truly desires.

The affirmation is:

"I am now giving, receiving, expanding and
increasing love energy in every area of my
life, within me and all around me, every moment
of every day"

As I was walking around Downtown San Diego, I was repeating
this affirmation silently in my mind several times throughout
the day. There were a few things I noticed.

The first thing I noticed was how amazing I felt, how full of love
and connected I felt to everyone. I found myself pulling money
out of my pocket every single time I passed a homeless brother/sister.
I found myself making a conscious effort to package up the food I
did not finish at restaurants and going out of my way to find
someone in need of food. I experienced more smiles and "Hellos"
to the brothers/sisters I passed on the sidewalk.

The second thing I noticed was absolute proof of our energetic
connection and oneness with one another. Every time I would
focus on this affirmation, I would all of a sudden notice people
standing close to me, who were not paying any attention to
me at all, would all of a sudden, during or immediately after
the affirmation, would suddenly look up at me, make eye
contact and smile. This happened consistently throughout
the day.

I invite you to use this affirmation on a daily basis. The
results will transform your life!

"I am now giving, receiving, expanding and
increasing love energy in every area of my
life, within me and all around me, every moment
of every day"

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Friday, September 4, 2009

'This Is The Truth' - Video

This is an amazing beautiful message!
Be sure to watch the entire video, to
experience 'The Truth':

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mother Teresa - Inspirational Quote

"Never worry about numbers.
Help one person at a time,
and always start with
the person nearest you."
- Mother Teresa -

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Release Yourself From 'Shoulds'

Free yourself from 'shoulds' and unnecessary obligations.

Living your life according to mental 'shoulds' rather than your own inner guidance can be a great obstacle to your happiness and inner peace. Another big obstacle can be constantly filling your schedule with plans and obligations.

When you are constantly obligated to be here, do that, call him/her, etc., you are not free to follow your own flow. You become a slave to obligation. Learn to use these key words that will give you more freedom to follow YOUR flow - "No", "Maybe", "Possibly", "Potentially", "We'll see", "Maybe Some Other Time", "No Thank You", "I'll Let You Know", etc.....

Before making a commitment to someone, take a moment and check in with your inner guidance. Is this choice in alignment with YOUR highest path? If not, say no. 'They' will get over it, and if they don't, that's their issue, not yours....

Honor yourself and the entire Universe will honor you also!

Health, Wealth and Love!

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor

Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Shoe Does Not Fit All, Find Your Shoe

It is important on your quest of personal development to recognize your personality type.

I believe the reason why many people struggle on their journey of personal development is because they are reading and listening to many mentors who are sharing many different techniques and exercises. The techniques and exercises being taught may have worked for the person teaching them, however may not work as well for you. Usually the principles are solid and do work. It is the application that may be a challenge for you.

We all have different personalities and ways that 'naturally flow'. Certain techniques and exercises are going to resonate for different people. Some people have a more structured personality. So more structured techniques will work better for them. Some people have a more free flowing personality and those very structured techniques may not work as well.

It is important to begin to start to get in touch with your own personality and who YOU are. It is not necessarily the exercise or technique that is effective, it is the principle behind it. When you learn to recognize the essence of what your mentors and teachers are teaching, you will be able to develop your own techniques and exercises that work for you.

For example, some teachers say to write down five things you are grateful for and five things you have done well today, at the end of the day. Perhaps you have tried to do this, but just can't stay consistent. Well maybe this is too structured for you. It may work better for you to have several notebooks around your home and one in your car. Then write what you are grateful for or what you have done well many times throughout the whole day.

Again, it is the principle of the exercise that is effective. There are many ways to apply these principles to work with the Universal Laws. So, I encourage you, moving forward, to focus on the essence of the teachings that you read and listen to and come up with your own ways to apply them. It is important, however, to apply them. So do come up with a way and take daily action.

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Is YOUR Highest Truth?

What is your highest truth?
What is your social programming?

Are you aware of what your truth is and what is nothing more than your social programming?

It is important to start practicing true self awareness to free yourself from social programming and find your inner truth. Most people are operating on auto-pilot based on their subconscious programming, and don't even realize that they are living an unconscious life.

I encourage you to start checking in with yourself throughout your day, everyday:

  • How are you feeling?
  • What is your inner guidance guiding you towards?
  • Are you speaking your truth, or saying what you think people want to hear?
  • Are you honoring yourself in your actions or trying to please other people?
  • Do you dress how you feel, or what you think will impress others?
  • Do you spend time with people you really don't want to just so you don't hurt their feelings?
  • Do you live a spiritually guided path or an ego driven path?
  • Do you make decisions in your life consciously or do you just unconsciously react to the circumstances in front of you?
  • Do you take time for self reflection or do you stay in constant 'doing' mode at the mercy of people, circumstances and your 'mind chatter'?
I encourage you to take some time and really reflect on these questions and answer them honestly. If you take the time and have the courage to be completely honest with yourself you may find that a lot of the traits, beliefs, habits, people you associate with and ways you spend your time do not reflect the true you, your highest self. This is not always and easy thing to admit. However, it is the most empowering thing you can do.

When you begin to practice this self awareness and complete honesty you will find your life transforming. You will be tempted to act in old ways because to change can be uncomfortable. Recognize that changing and acting in a way that is in complete alignment with your Higher Self is a process and may not happen over night. You must be patient with the process and with yourself. It may be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes lonely at times.

As you transform, things that are not in alignment with your Higher Self will begin to fall away. It can sometimes take time for the new people, places and things that are in alignment to show up. This can leave you in a state of uncomfortableness and even loneliness during this transition.

During this transition time you may be tempted to go back to old ways. Do your best not to. However, if you do, do so consciously. When you are conscious that you are making these decisions, rather than unconsciously reacting, you are still coming from a place of empowerment. The more you consciously make these decisions, the more you will consciously realize that they do not serve your Higher Good and it will be that much easier to make new decisions that do benefit your Highest Good.

What Is YOUR Highest Truth???

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor

Friday, July 31, 2009

Michael Bernard Beckwith - Spiritual Liberation

Michael Bernard Beckwith, spiritual leader
and minister at Agape Spiritual Center,
talks about the idea of Spiritual Liberation.


Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I (You) Am (Are) The Creator Of My (Your) Reality

I take this moment to recognize the life that
I have, so far, created.

As I was driving home from my Salsa Dancing classes
in Chula Vista, CA., to my home in Old Town, San Diego,
I felt strong inner guidance to drive past my home and drive
straight to the beach. So, here I am sitting on a bench
over looking the ocean, in Pacific Beach, CA., writing in
this blog that I have not been active in for a few weeks.

Tonight, and the past couple days, I feel re-inspired.

As I was driving home I began to reflect on where I am. I
remembered not so long ago, when I set the intentions
that have now manifested. Almost every intention that
I set has now come to fruition. As I look at my life,
it is the exact life that I wrote on paper, meditated
on and affirmed out loud, a few times, just over
a year ago.

When I released trying to manifest the specifics, and
began to focus on the essence of what I wanted and
let go of the 'how', I stepped into the Universal

I set these main intentions:

  • To be self employed and able to work from anywhere in the world
  • To have my full time work as writing, speaking, consulting and Life Coaching
  • To be completely happy
  • To live walking distance from the beach with an ocean view
What I just laid out is my current reality. (However I just recently moved away from where I had an ocean view, walking distance from the beach. I lived there 6 months and it was not the location I wanted. Now I am a five minute drive from the beach, which was another intention I had set, before the ocean view intention. Now I know the area I want to live and will have my ocean view walking distance from the beach in no time)

When I set these intentions, I was living in Arizona, nowhere near an ocean. I was stuck at an office working according to someone Else's schedule and expectations. I was doing a lot of 'customer service' type work and other activities that I could care less about. Happiness was in and out, more out than in.

Now I was doing some Life Coaching and some writing, however very little.

So, I set my clear intentions of the essence of what I wanted and I did all that I could to just be present and focus on appreciating where I was. Began to focus on gratitude and my meditation. Started to do the activities that were necessary to quiet my 'chatter mind' and tune into my 'God Mind', which delivers the messages of my Higher Self.

I lived every day in a state of patience. And when my Higher Self spoke to me, I took inspired action, even if it made no logical sense.

I listened to my Higher Self and took brave leaps of faith, trusting that the net would appear. And every single time I leaped, the net was there to embrace me in loving light.

I reflect on other things that I set the intention to create in the last few years. What were visions then, that I felt so strongly in my heart, are now physical manifestations. The car that I drive, the style of dress, the types of friends that I have, were all intentions that I wrote down, I visualized and I affirmed out loud.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? So that you can see that the things that I write about, that I share with you and that your other mentors and my mentors share, is truth..... If you do what is necessary.

Many do what they think is necessary, by staying busy. What most of are taught growing up, of what is necessary, to get what we want, is off.

We are taught to 'Make it happen', 'Fight like hell, to get ahead', 'We must always stay busy, or we are lazy', and on and on and on......

Many people in authoritative positions, with good intentions, have filled our minds with crap. It is time to replace the crap with loving light and higher wisdom.

What is it that you intend to create?

One of my mentors has a quote that I live by. When I truly understood this, even before I heard his quote, my life transformed. My mentor, Dr. Wayne Dyer, explains this concept better than I have ever heard before:

"We do not attract what we want; We attract what we are"
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer-

Everything is energy. We attract what matches our energy. Rather than focusing on "What you have to do" to get what you want, instead focus on "Who you need to be" to attract what you want".

To manifest the life of your dreams:

  • Write it down - "I am now...." or "It is my intention to....."
  • Speak what you wrote down, out loud with feeling, often
  • Think about the affirmation, you wrote down, with feeling, often
  • Release your desire to "Try to make it happen...."
  • Relax, let go and let god
  • Take care of yourself - Meditate, Exercise, Feed Your Mind, etc....
  • Pay attention to your intuition and higher guidance, then take the inspired action.
  • Don't take action based on fear, worry and anxiousness or a feeling of "You should be doing something....."
When you learn to tune into inner guidance, you will master the gift of manifestation. Often times your inner guidance will not make logical sense. You must do it anyway, even if it doesn't make logical sense.

Often times inner guidance will guide you to do things that seem totally unrelated to what you want to manifest. Your mind may say, 'that is ridiculous, I 'should' be doing....."

You must follow your inner guidance! Even if it appears to be unrelated, it is not!

Your Higher Self has a higher vision than our simple conscious minds can comprehend. Your inner guidance will guide you do what needs to be done to become the person you need to become to match the energy of what you want to attract.

Your inner guidance will guide you to the right places at the right time to be in alignment with the 'synchronicity' that needs to happen to create your intentions.

You can maybe create the intentions that you wish to create using only your conscious mind and logical thought. However, it will most likely be a longer and more difficult path.

If you wish to manifest your intentions in the quickest and smoothest way possible, learn to tune into and trust your inner guidance, and then take action on that guidance.

We all have the power to create all of our greatest life dreams. I see the truth of that, in my own life, everyday. I am no different than you. We all are part of the same loving creative source. We all share the same creative power. You just need accept that truth and practice using your gift.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Every time that you have a thought, have a feeling, speak a word or take an action that facilitates growth in you, you automatically facilitate growth in me and in everyone. We are all one, the only separateness is our false belief that we are separate. All it takes is one shift in consciousness and that belief no longer exist.


Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Follow Love!


Love is everywhere. In every choice there is for you to make,
there is a choice that possesses more love or a choice that possesses
less love.

When you are faced with a choice that you are having a hard time
making, close your eyes and feel your heart. When you get in touch
with your heart, which choice holds more love?

Whichever choice carries more love, do that one, ALWAYS!!!!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Monday, June 8, 2009

Famous Quote - Roger Babson

"It is wise to keep in mind that neither
success nor failure is ever final."
- Roger Babson -

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Inspirational Quote - Josiah Gilbert Holland

"The soul, like the body,
lives by what it feeds on."
- Josiah Gilbert Holland -

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Friday, May 29, 2009

Follow Your Inner Guidance

Follow Your Inner Guidance.

Your inner guidance comes to you through
your feelings and that quiet voice in your

Do you do what other people want you to
do, despite that knot in your stomach that
says don't do it?

That knot is inner guidance.

When you have a decision to make, you
will have one of two feelings.

You will have a lite 'good' feeling, or
you will have a tight 'bad' feeling.

Your gut feeling is your greatest guide.

Learn to recognize those feelings.

Practice following that lite good feeling.

Always follow your own inner guidance
before following what other people want you
to do.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Famous Quote - Judy Garland

"For it was not into my ear you whispered,
but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed,
but my soul." - Judy Garland -

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Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Must Begin Where You Are

"Everyone who got to where they are
had to begin where they were."
-Richard Paul Evans-

You may have big goals.You may have
a vision of where you want to be or
who you want to be.

Sometimes you may look at your vision
and think, "How am I ever going to get

Always remember, no matter how big your goal
is you have to start somewhere. If you look
at any person who has accomplished the goals
that you want to achieve, they started
somewhere similar to you.

All you can do is begin where you are. And
enjoy the process of your transformation.
Big changes are the culmination of many
small changes along the way.

If you haven't had a chance to connect with
me on 'Twitter' yet, go there now. Be sure,
after you follow me, you send me a 'Reply'
and let me know you are a reader of my blog,
then I will follow you
also and we can stay connected.

Follow me on Twitter,now, at:

Health, Wealth and Love!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Inspirational Quote - Mahatma Gandhi

"Where there is love there is life."
- Mahatma Gandhi -

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Monday, May 18, 2009

To Get What You Want, Focus On What You Want

How can I receive what I truly want in life???

You can attract what you truly want in life by focusing
on what you truly want in life!!!!

So many people focus on what they don't want in life.

"I don't want to be late" "I don't want to be broke anymore"
"I don't want my boss to yell at me today" "I don't want to be
sick anymore"

Just change your thinking to the opposite:

"I am now on time" "I now financially wealthy and abundant"
"My boss always treats me with kindness and respect"
"I am always perfectly healthy"

That's it, just keep your mind and thoughts
focused on what you do want. Not what you
don't want.

YES.........It is that simple!!!!!

The law of attraction will bring what you
think about....whether you want it or not!!!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Friday, May 15, 2009

How Can You Feel Good Now?

Your Inner Feelings Create Your Outer Reality!!!

To create a happy life, focus on feeling good!!!

Constantly ask yourself, "How can I feel good right now?"

After you ask the question, pay attention to the answer
and take action on your inner guidance.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Famous Quote - Albert Einstein

"Man must cease attributing his
problems to his environment, and
learn again to exercise his

will - his personal responsibility."
-Albert Einstein-

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Living Abundantly In The Present

To truly live abundantly in the present, we must
dismiss the past.The past can act as an anchor that
holds us back from being truly happy and abundant
in the present moment.

We must learn to accept this universal truth, now is all there
ever is. Nothing else exist, besides from this present moment.
When you spend your time thinking about the past or the future,
you are in a fantasy land. Your fantasies of the past may seem
very real, our mind is quite powerful. Through the power of our
mind, we can make the past feel very real, however it is not real.

When you can allow yourself to be present in any given moment,
you have the potential to........ (READ MORE- CLICK HERE)

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Friday, May 8, 2009

What is success for YOU?

Everybody has their own definition of what
success is. I know for me being able to do
what I want to do in life is one of the
biggest keys to success.

How about you? What is success for you?

I encourage you to take a pad and paper,
sit down and get quiet. Write in great
detail what success is for you.

So many people always say I want to be successful.
If you are not clear on exactly what success is
for you, then The Universe will not know how to
bring success into your life. You must be clear!

Is doing what you want to do in your daily
life a part of being successful? If so,
how can you start doing what you want to
do, even if on a small scale, in your
everyday life?

I encourage you to set the intention and make
a strong effort to take time every day and
follow your inner flow and do what you 'feel'
like doing.

Do your best to free yourself from the 'shoulds'
of your life and follow your heart doing what you
want to do.

And furthermore, set the intention to find a way
to do what you want to do in your career, as well.
Set aside your excuses and reasons why you can't and
start asking your Higher Self - "How Can I?".

You are invited to read an article that I wrote that will
explore this concept further. The article is titled
'Defining the difference between true happiness and success'

Read now at:

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspirational Quote - Richard Bach

"Within each of us lies the power
of our consent to health and sickness,
to riches and poverty, to freedom and
to slavery. It is we who control these,
and not another."

- Richard Bach ( Illusions ) -

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Your Subconscious Mind Creates Reality

You Are The Creator Of Your Life!

Through your thoughts, feelings and actions,
you create your outer reality.

It is the Subconscious Mind that creates.

It is the Subconscious mind that dictates your
thoughts, feelings and actions.

Do you ever notice yourself REACTING to situations
without really feeling that you have any control?
Do you ever notice your self going through your
life on 'autopilot'?

Do you find yourself always making the same
decisions, in similar situations, creating the
same results?

The subconscious and unconscious mind make up
90% of your mind power. The conscious mind only
makes up 10%.

It is the subconscious mind that dictates your
thoughts, feelings, actions, life views, etc.......

You can change the information and patterns
that are stored in your subconscious mind.

Self Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) is one of the
most powerful ways to change the programming
in your subconscious mind, to create the life of
your dreams.

Take action with self hypnosis now! Go to:

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Your Inner Flow

You want happiness???

Follow YOUR flow!

What does you inner feeling guide you
to do?

When your mind is telling you that you SHOULD
be doing something, do you feel a lot of inner

Follow that inner resistance. Whatever it is that
you feel you should be doing maybe does have
to get done, but that resistance is telling you
'now is not the time'.

When your inner feeling conflicts with your thoughts,
always follow your inner feeling,
even if it doesn't make logical sense.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Monday, May 4, 2009

Self Love

There is nothing more important than
self love. Most of our struggle and
lack of happiness comes from a lack
of self love.

When we don't love ourselves we subconsciously
self sabotage our lives. We subconsciously
make choices to think thoughts and take
actions that attract people and situations
that cause us discomfort.

When we lack self love, we stay in relationships
that don't serve us, jobs that drain our soul.
We eat in unhealthful ways that harm our bodies.
We occupy our time and energy in activities that
don't exercise, improve and nourish our body, mind
and spirit.

When you truly love yourself you will think
and act in ways that will attract whatever you
need to experience joy, health and happiness. Your
life will unfold effortlessly like a beautiful

I encourage you to start putting a magnifying glass
on yourself. Honestly observe your life moment to moment.

What kind of self talk do you use? Is it kind and encouraging.
How do you speak to other people?

How we treat others is a reflection of how we treat
ourselves. When we are cruel and uncaring to others
it is because we do not truly love ourselves.

What actions do you take in life? Do you take
actions and put yourself in environments and
around people that honor and respect you?

What have you done to spoil yourself lately?
What have you done for you?

Self love is not always easy. Many
of us were not raised in ways that supported
self love and we carry this into our adult

It is time for change, I ask you,
from this day forward to make a commitment
to do whatever it takes for you to love
yourself unconditionally, wholly and completely!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Friday, May 1, 2009

Famous Quote - General George S. Patton

"I don't measure a man's success by
how high he climbs but how high he
bounces when he hits bottom."
- General George S. Patton -

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Is Happiness For You?

What is happiness, for YOU???

In order to truly be happy, you need
to know what happiness is, for you.

A lot of people define their happiness
by what they think happiness should be.

They define happiness by what society and
other people say happiness is.

Happiness is different for everyone!

What is happiness for you??

Once you define what happiness is, for you,
then it is time to create happiness in your life.

You create your happiness.

Nobody else can create your happiness.

No external source can create your happiness.

Happiness comes from within!

Now that you have defined happiness, it is
now time to ask:
"How can I now create an abundance of happiness
in my life?"

If you ask the questions, your subconscious mind will
give you the answers. Ask the question!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inspirational Quote - Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Enlightenment, means you must
take responsibility for your way
of life."
-Dr. Wayne Dyer-

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Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Adds Joy To Your Life?

How can you do more joyful activities?

One of the greatest keys to true happiness is
having an abundance of joy in your life.

What is joyful to you?
What adds joy to your life?

Really ask yourself that.
Grab a pen and paper and write down
everything that adds joy to your life.

Now write down the question:
"How can do more of these joyful activities
in my life?"

"How can I have more joy in my life?"

I would also encourage you to write and speak
out loud this affirmation every day:

"I am so happy and grateful now that I
allow an overflowing abundance of joy
to flow into my life easily and effortlessly.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Monday, March 23, 2009

Become Who You Want To Attract

Be who you want to attract!

Are you looking to attract the right friends?

Are you looking to attract your perfect romantic partner?

Are you looking to attract certain business contacts?

The best way to attract the kind of person
that you want to attract, is to become that kind of person.

Take a good honest look at yourself. Do you
posses and express the qualities that you
want in others.

Remember, like attracts like.

To attract the ideal people in your life,
become your ideal self.

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Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Famous Quote - Don Juan Demarco

There are only four questions of value in life.
What is sacred?
Of what is the spirit made of?
What is worth living for?
What is worth dying for?
The answer to each is the same. Only love.
-Don Juan Demarco-

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspirational Quote - T. Menlo

"If each day of your life represents a
sparkle of light, at your life's end you
will have illuminated the world."
-T. Menlo-

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Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fork In The Road Of Your Life

We have all come to a 'fork in the road',
many times in our lives. We come to that
place where we have a choice to make, where
a new opportunity or distraction presents

The fork in the road can be a scary place.
It can also be a an amazingly wonderful place
to be. The fork can be scary if you..... (Read More-Click Here)

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Monday, March 16, 2009

Take Time For Self Reflection

Self reflection is one of the biggest
keys to happiness.

To be happy and remain happy, it is necessary
to check in with yourself. It is important to
take a look at every aspect of your life.

Is anything out of balance?

Are you feeling happy?

How do you feel?

Why are you feeling that way?

What needs to change in order for
you to feel happiness?

Take time to be alone, get quiet and check in with
yourself. It is so important.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Friday, March 13, 2009

'Live Abundantly In The Present Moment'- Article

To truly live abundantly in the present, we must dismiss
the past.The past can act as an anchor that holds us back
from being truly happy and abundant in the present moment.

We must learn to accept this universal truth, now is all there
ever is. Nothing else exist, besides from this present moment.
When you spend your time thinking about the past or the future,
you are in a fantasy land. Your fantasies of the past may seem
very real, our mind is quite powerful. Through the power of our
mind, we can make the past feel very real, however it is not real.

When you can allow yourself to be....(Read More Now-Click Here)

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What You Choose To See Is What You Get

You always have the choice on how you look at
someone. However you choose to look
at that person is exactly what you will

If you choose to see the negative personality
qualities or the physical flaws of a person,
then those qualities and traits will be
emphasized in your view. If however you choose
to see the opposite, then those positive traits
will be emphasized.

You have heard the term "What you see is what
you get". I would add to that term "What you
choose to see is what you get".

Choose to see the good and beauty in everyone
and you will always be surrounded by beautiful
and good people. You must first choose to see
the good and beauty in yourself.

One very powerful way to choose to see things
through new eyes and transform your beliefs
is by writing a new story for yourself. I
am talking metaphorically and literally at
the same time.

Click the following link to discover how to
transform your life by writing yourself a
new story that will change your beliefs, and
ways of seeing the world and everything in it.

Click Here To Re-Write Your Story Now!

Health, Wealth and Love!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Areas Of Life Must Be In Harmony

You need to have all of the areas of
your life in harmony with each other.

One of the biggest reasons why people
are not happy, is because their lives
are out of harmony.

Take a good look at your life. Look at people
in your life's life. Are all of the major areas
of your life in harmony with each other?

There is so much constantly happening in
life, all the time.

There is a lot that we have to handle in life,
work, family, fun, social activities,
taking care of your health and physical body,
taking care of your mind, your romantic life, etc.....

It is so important to pay equal attention and give equal energy
to ALL of these areas.

So many times you see someone that excels in business and finances,
but their health and/or relationships are in terrible shape; or you see
someone that is very into their religion or spirituality and do great in
that area but their financial life is in bad shape; and so on and so on.

Make it a point to check in with yourself often, and see where
you are at in all areas of your life.

I would encourage you to go through each of the following key
areas listed below and rate each area on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being perfect,
1 being no good) I encourage you to write this down.

Romance & Intimacy

Physical Environment (Work & Home)

Fun & Recreation

Career & Life Purpose

Spiritual Alignment

Family & Friends



How does this look to you?

Are you surprised with what you wrote?

What changes do you need to make to balance your life?

How can you become a 6 or above in every area of your life?

Make the necessary changes, you deserve it!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Monday, March 9, 2009

Are You Living From Spirit Or Ego?

Would you like happiness all the time?

If yes, then live from spirit all the time.

Do you live the majority of your life from spirit
or from ego?

Look at your life, look at the choices you make,
the actions you take.

Are your actions ego based or spirit based?

Do your actions and choices benefit all or only you?

Happiness is all your inner spirit knows. When you
are completely connected to spirit, happiness is
your ONLY option. Your inner spirit does not know
sadness or anger or depression. Your inner spirit
only knows happiness, bliss and joy.

Take time every day, many times, to get quiet
and reconnect to your inner spirit, the TRUE YOU.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Change Is Constant And Guaranteed

You cannot stop change!

Change is constant and guaranteed
to always be there.

If you fight change, happiness will be a challenge.

For most people, change is one of the
scariest things in life.

A healthy mindset to come from, in regards
to change, is to understand that ALL change
is there for your benefit, even the "bad" change.

Without change we cannot grow. Growth is
necessary. I heard once that humans are like
flowers; if we are not growing, we are dying.

You cannot stop change.

One of the key ingredients to achieving
and maintaining true happiness is to
embrace change.

Embrace change and believe in your higher good,
trust that better circumstances are on their way
to you.

Even when change is "ugly" trust that it is
their to help you. Everything happens for a reason.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Power, Love and Abundance

We are not just meaningless beings wandering the
earth for no reason.

We all have a very important reason and purpose for
being here, in our human form, on earth. We were
born to be vehicles for Spirit to work within
and through us to raise the vibration of the
Universal Consciousness.

We raise the Universal Consciousness by allowing
the universe to expand. We must allow our spirit
to expand without limits. The God energy is
limitless and so are we, because we are one
with that energy.

The ego, often times, has us think small. We must
surrender to Spirit and allow ourselves be the
vehicle to expand the Universal Consciousness.

This is the key to living a life filled with Power,
Love and Abundance!

Chris Dines has become an expert of manifesting Power,
Love and Abundance in his life and showing others how
to do the same. His book 'Power, Love and Abundance'
is transforming lives all around the world.

We had the honor of having Chis as our guest on 'Empower
Hour Radio', a while back. It was one of the most amazing
shows we have had.

I highly encourage you to listen to the replay of this
incredible life transforming interview with Chris Dines,
by going to:

Through unconditional love, in your life, you are a limitless
spiritual being, with unlimited potential to heal the world.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Higher Latitude Through Gratitude

Gratitude Can Be Your Biggest
Factor In Creating And Maintaining
True Happiness.

What are you grateful for?

How much time do you really spend
appreciating what you have NOW in your life?

Gratitude is so important. When you are feeling grateful
for the blessings in your life, you can't help but feel good.

Gratitude carries so much power! Life is energy, feelings and
emotions are energy. Gratitude is one of the most powerful
feelings that you can have.

The feeling of gratitude manifests greatness in your life.

Sometimes we get so caught up in life, that we begin to take our
blessings for granted. We don't stop to really recognize and appreciate
all of the wonderful blessings in our life.

Take time every day to stop and recognize all that you
are grateful for.

I would highly encourage you to take time every day to
write down all that you are grateful for.

Whatever we focus on increases in our life.

The more you are truly grateful for, the more you
will be given to be grateful for. That is the natural
law of the Universe.

I am grateful that I was able to share this message with you : )

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Follow Your Dreams, Take A Leap Of Faith

Follow your dreams now!
Take a leap of faith!

Is there a voice within you, screaming
for you to make a change?

Is fear keeping you from making that change?

Are you paralyzed with doubt and uncertainty?

What is it that is holding you back from doing what you love?
So many times people stay in lives that are mediocre and, for
the most part, unfulfilled, because the want to "play it safe".

They stay in jobs, relationships, living situations, etc... that are
not truly fulfilling or joyful because those situations feel safe.

People will stay with a romantic partner that they are no longer
attracted to or in love with because they know that that person
loves them and will never leave them, or some other similar reason.

People stay at jobs that they don't like because they make descent or
good money, and they become reliant on that steady paycheck. To them
it feels "safe".

I will ask you to ask yourself a very important and powerful question;

What is more important to you, a false sense of security
or true happiness?

I say a false sense of security because your job or relationship, or
whatever it is that you are holding onto, can disappear at anytime.
Jobs unexpectedly lay people off, lovers have changes happen within them
that may cause them to leave, etc.....

You deserve true happiness!

There is an all loving higher power that will support you in your happiness.
Whatever that inner voice is guiding you to do, whatever big change it
is guiding you to make, that is your higher power speaking to you.

If you listen to that voice and you take that leap of faith, the universe will
support you and protect you. Within the love of the higher power, that is
where you will find true security and safety.

Trust in the higher good in your life.

When you follow higher guidance and take a leap of faith,
you will be amazed by the miracles that appear in your life.

This is YOUR time, take action and create your ultimate happiness!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Best You Can Do For Anyone Else Is......

The Best That You Can Do For Anyone Else
Is To Do The Best For Yourself!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Empower Hour Radio - Podcast

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Dr. Wayne Dyer is affectionately called the
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Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

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Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hypnotherapy To Create Your Ideal Life

You can be, do or have anything that your
heart desires. The key is that YOU have to
believe it is possible.

If you look at anyone else that has what you want,
it is very important to realize that they are not
special or chosen, they are not "lucky" and they
are no better than you are. The only difference
between you and them, at this time, is that they
believed that they can have it. So they received it.

I encourage you to write down your ideal life in detail and
then create a vision board of that ideal life, you will begin to feel
some internal and mental shifts.

You will begin to see the possibilities of achieving and
receiving these things into your life?

It is the subconscious mind that creates our reality.
By doing the exercise I just mentioned, you have
already begun the process of positive reprogramming
to create what you want.

Probably the most powerful way to reprogram your
subconscious mind to achieve positive results, is

Hypnotherapy puts you into a very deep state of
relaxation, so that your conscious mind quiets
and your subconscious mind slows down so that it is more
receptive to accepting new ideas.

Hypnosis is completely safe and very therapeutic.

The beautiful thing is that you can do Self Hypnosis
from home, using Cds and MP3 Downloads. Again, it is
100% safe and has the potential to give you amazing

What I would recommend doing is take the thing in your
ideal life, that you don't currently have, that is the
most important to you, and do Self Hypnosis from home
to transform that area of your life forever.

Typically it is a good idea to do Self Hypnosis on one
area for 30 days in a row to see permanent results.

You can do self hypnosis for just about anything. You
can manifest more money, lose weight, stop smoking,
overcome fears, attract a loving relationship and
so much more.

Click the following link to find out more about the
benefits of self hypnosis and receive the tools that
you need to make the changes that you desire.

Remember, you have the power within you to be, do or have
anything that your heart desires. All it requires is right
thought combined with right action.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Deepest Fear Is...

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond
measure. It is our light, not our darkness that
most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to
be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually,
who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world. There is
nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people
won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine,
as children do. We were born to make manifest the
glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some
of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the
same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence
automatically liberates others.”

-Marianne Williamson-
(A Return To Love)

This is perhaps the most powerful quote
I have ever come across. I believe that
this is the number one reason why so
many people don't achieve their full
potential. We are deeply afraid of
the true power that we each posses.

Each and every one of us possesses an
inner greatness that is more powerful
than any of us can possibly imagine.
Many people will begin to tap into
this power and start to step into their
greatness, then they will do something
to self sabotage themselves. It may
not look like self sabotage, it may look
like "uncontrollable circumstances". I
guarantee you that we attracted those
so called "uncontrollable circumstances",
because we were beginning to venture
beyond our comfort zone.

When we first begin to step into our
greatness, things begin to change, and
that can be very uncomfortable. All of
a sudden we begin to feel different and
act different. We begin to notice that
we do not feel the same around our current
friends and acquaintances. Our job may
not feel right anymore. Sometimes our
current romantic partner may not feel

When you begin to change, the things around
you in your life will change as well. This
can be scary. This is why we fear our inner
power so much. However, it is our duty to
be the best we can be. By being our greatest
selves, we unconsciously give those around us
permission to be their greatest selves, as well.

We do not serve to benefit the world by playing
small to make those around us comfortable. The
world needs us to live in our personal greatness.
By living in our greatness we naturally benefit
humanity. We are all one, we are all part of the
Universal Collective Consciousness. When you
raise your own personal vibration, you raise
the vibration of the whole.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Journal Entry - 2/7/09


Today I was sitting on my balcony
in awe of the beauty around me.
I am currently living in a hotel
on the marina,in Oxnard, CA. I have
the most amazing view. I am on the
third floor right above a wonderul
little park and tennis courts. I
have an amazing view of the beautiful
mountains in the distance and the
marina with all of the boats right
below me.

Today is a rainy day and in the distance
low clouds lightly covered the snow covered

Across the park, there is a little meeting room
that has meetings almost daily. I do not
know exactly what meetings go on there. Today
I found myself really appreciating all of
the people gathering together and joining
as one in the pursuit of one common interest,
whatever that may be.

As I was meditating on my balcony, after reading
a verse from Wayne Dyer's "Change Your Thoughts,
Change Your Life", I tuned into all of the soothing
sounds surrounding me. I felt the love as the people
entering the meeting, across the park, laughed
together and greeted each other. I appreciated the
beauty of the soothing songs from the singing birds.

When I opened my eyes I found myself watching the
water resting calmly after a hard rain.

Since I have moved back to California, in mid
December, I have really been embracing my
surroundings and allowing myself to be captivated
by the awe of God's beauty.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Famous Quotes - Napoleon Hill

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive
and believe it can achieve."
-Napoleon Hill-

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Napoleon Hill Now!

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The Science of Personal Achievement

Love Is The Essence Of All Life

Love is the essence of all life. To
truly feel alive at every facet of
your being, you must feel love.

Have you ever felt "dead" inside?

I think many of us have felt that way
at one time or another throughout our
lifetime. If you have ever felt that dead
feeling within you, it is most likely because
there was a major void of love at that time
in your life.

Many people put the majority of their
focus on material things like money,
a nice home, a "fancy job title", etc....

All that really matters is how much you
experience love in your life. When it
is all said and done it doesn't matter
how much money you had, how big your
home was, what your job title was or
what kind of car you drove. All that
really matters is how many moments
you experienced unconditional love.

To live your life to the fullest, you
must love your life to the fullest.

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Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are You Using Your Special Gifts?

We all have special gifts and talents that
we are blessed with. Are you using yours?

Many people never take the time to recognize
their own gifts and talents. They don't
even know what their talents are, so they
don't express them and use them.

You were born with a special talent. Your
talent was given to you so that you can
use it in living out your Divine Purpose.

I encourage you to take some quiet self
reflection time and look at what your special
talents are. Talents do not have to be related
to entertainment. Perhaps you are a great communicator
or you are good at building things. Talents
come in all different forms.

What are your talents?

How can you start expressing your talents
more in your life now?

I invite you to listen to the inspiring story
of Venice Maki. He is an international
recording artist who found his talents
and has done everything necessary to
express them to the world.

Listen to this inspiring interview with
Venice Maki, by clicking the link below:

Listen To Inspiring Interview Now!

Health, Wealth and Love!

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Show Up Every Day With Purpose

How do you show up in the world?

Do you show up ready to play?

Do you show up ready to serve?

Do you show up saying "What's in it for me"?

Do you show up big and strong?

Do you show up small and weak?

Do you show up open and willing to communicate?

Do you show up closed off and shut people out?

Take a good look at how you show up in the
world, then ask yourself:

How is the way I am showing up in the world right now
serving my higher good?

If the way you show up serves your higher purpose, great,
keep it up!

If not, why not show up different today, every day?

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach

Monday, January 19, 2009

Follow Your Own Gut Feeling

Listen to your gut feeling.

If you are about to make a decision, pay
attention to that feeling in your stomach.

If you have a tight, anxious feeling,
don't do it.

If you have a great lite feeling, go for it.

Sometimes the feeling is very subtle, so take a
moment and check in with your gut feeling
before you take action.

Ryan Pearson
Personal Empowerment Coach