Friday, July 31, 2009

Michael Bernard Beckwith - Spiritual Liberation

Michael Bernard Beckwith, spiritual leader
and minister at Agape Spiritual Center,
talks about the idea of Spiritual Liberation.


Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I (You) Am (Are) The Creator Of My (Your) Reality

I take this moment to recognize the life that
I have, so far, created.

As I was driving home from my Salsa Dancing classes
in Chula Vista, CA., to my home in Old Town, San Diego,
I felt strong inner guidance to drive past my home and drive
straight to the beach. So, here I am sitting on a bench
over looking the ocean, in Pacific Beach, CA., writing in
this blog that I have not been active in for a few weeks.

Tonight, and the past couple days, I feel re-inspired.

As I was driving home I began to reflect on where I am. I
remembered not so long ago, when I set the intentions
that have now manifested. Almost every intention that
I set has now come to fruition. As I look at my life,
it is the exact life that I wrote on paper, meditated
on and affirmed out loud, a few times, just over
a year ago.

When I released trying to manifest the specifics, and
began to focus on the essence of what I wanted and
let go of the 'how', I stepped into the Universal

I set these main intentions:

  • To be self employed and able to work from anywhere in the world
  • To have my full time work as writing, speaking, consulting and Life Coaching
  • To be completely happy
  • To live walking distance from the beach with an ocean view
What I just laid out is my current reality. (However I just recently moved away from where I had an ocean view, walking distance from the beach. I lived there 6 months and it was not the location I wanted. Now I am a five minute drive from the beach, which was another intention I had set, before the ocean view intention. Now I know the area I want to live and will have my ocean view walking distance from the beach in no time)

When I set these intentions, I was living in Arizona, nowhere near an ocean. I was stuck at an office working according to someone Else's schedule and expectations. I was doing a lot of 'customer service' type work and other activities that I could care less about. Happiness was in and out, more out than in.

Now I was doing some Life Coaching and some writing, however very little.

So, I set my clear intentions of the essence of what I wanted and I did all that I could to just be present and focus on appreciating where I was. Began to focus on gratitude and my meditation. Started to do the activities that were necessary to quiet my 'chatter mind' and tune into my 'God Mind', which delivers the messages of my Higher Self.

I lived every day in a state of patience. And when my Higher Self spoke to me, I took inspired action, even if it made no logical sense.

I listened to my Higher Self and took brave leaps of faith, trusting that the net would appear. And every single time I leaped, the net was there to embrace me in loving light.

I reflect on other things that I set the intention to create in the last few years. What were visions then, that I felt so strongly in my heart, are now physical manifestations. The car that I drive, the style of dress, the types of friends that I have, were all intentions that I wrote down, I visualized and I affirmed out loud.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? So that you can see that the things that I write about, that I share with you and that your other mentors and my mentors share, is truth..... If you do what is necessary.

Many do what they think is necessary, by staying busy. What most of are taught growing up, of what is necessary, to get what we want, is off.

We are taught to 'Make it happen', 'Fight like hell, to get ahead', 'We must always stay busy, or we are lazy', and on and on and on......

Many people in authoritative positions, with good intentions, have filled our minds with crap. It is time to replace the crap with loving light and higher wisdom.

What is it that you intend to create?

One of my mentors has a quote that I live by. When I truly understood this, even before I heard his quote, my life transformed. My mentor, Dr. Wayne Dyer, explains this concept better than I have ever heard before:

"We do not attract what we want; We attract what we are"
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer-

Everything is energy. We attract what matches our energy. Rather than focusing on "What you have to do" to get what you want, instead focus on "Who you need to be" to attract what you want".

To manifest the life of your dreams:

  • Write it down - "I am now...." or "It is my intention to....."
  • Speak what you wrote down, out loud with feeling, often
  • Think about the affirmation, you wrote down, with feeling, often
  • Release your desire to "Try to make it happen...."
  • Relax, let go and let god
  • Take care of yourself - Meditate, Exercise, Feed Your Mind, etc....
  • Pay attention to your intuition and higher guidance, then take the inspired action.
  • Don't take action based on fear, worry and anxiousness or a feeling of "You should be doing something....."
When you learn to tune into inner guidance, you will master the gift of manifestation. Often times your inner guidance will not make logical sense. You must do it anyway, even if it doesn't make logical sense.

Often times inner guidance will guide you to do things that seem totally unrelated to what you want to manifest. Your mind may say, 'that is ridiculous, I 'should' be doing....."

You must follow your inner guidance! Even if it appears to be unrelated, it is not!

Your Higher Self has a higher vision than our simple conscious minds can comprehend. Your inner guidance will guide you do what needs to be done to become the person you need to become to match the energy of what you want to attract.

Your inner guidance will guide you to the right places at the right time to be in alignment with the 'synchronicity' that needs to happen to create your intentions.

You can maybe create the intentions that you wish to create using only your conscious mind and logical thought. However, it will most likely be a longer and more difficult path.

If you wish to manifest your intentions in the quickest and smoothest way possible, learn to tune into and trust your inner guidance, and then take action on that guidance.

We all have the power to create all of our greatest life dreams. I see the truth of that, in my own life, everyday. I am no different than you. We all are part of the same loving creative source. We all share the same creative power. You just need accept that truth and practice using your gift.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Every time that you have a thought, have a feeling, speak a word or take an action that facilitates growth in you, you automatically facilitate growth in me and in everyone. We are all one, the only separateness is our false belief that we are separate. All it takes is one shift in consciousness and that belief no longer exist.


Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor