Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Release Yourself From 'Shoulds'

Free yourself from 'shoulds' and unnecessary obligations.

Living your life according to mental 'shoulds' rather than your own inner guidance can be a great obstacle to your happiness and inner peace. Another big obstacle can be constantly filling your schedule with plans and obligations.

When you are constantly obligated to be here, do that, call him/her, etc., you are not free to follow your own flow. You become a slave to obligation. Learn to use these key words that will give you more freedom to follow YOUR flow - "No", "Maybe", "Possibly", "Potentially", "We'll see", "Maybe Some Other Time", "No Thank You", "I'll Let You Know", etc.....

Before making a commitment to someone, take a moment and check in with your inner guidance. Is this choice in alignment with YOUR highest path? If not, say no. 'They' will get over it, and if they don't, that's their issue, not yours....

Honor yourself and the entire Universe will honor you also!

Health, Wealth and Love!

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor

Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Shoe Does Not Fit All, Find Your Shoe

It is important on your quest of personal development to recognize your personality type.

I believe the reason why many people struggle on their journey of personal development is because they are reading and listening to many mentors who are sharing many different techniques and exercises. The techniques and exercises being taught may have worked for the person teaching them, however may not work as well for you. Usually the principles are solid and do work. It is the application that may be a challenge for you.

We all have different personalities and ways that 'naturally flow'. Certain techniques and exercises are going to resonate for different people. Some people have a more structured personality. So more structured techniques will work better for them. Some people have a more free flowing personality and those very structured techniques may not work as well.

It is important to begin to start to get in touch with your own personality and who YOU are. It is not necessarily the exercise or technique that is effective, it is the principle behind it. When you learn to recognize the essence of what your mentors and teachers are teaching, you will be able to develop your own techniques and exercises that work for you.

For example, some teachers say to write down five things you are grateful for and five things you have done well today, at the end of the day. Perhaps you have tried to do this, but just can't stay consistent. Well maybe this is too structured for you. It may work better for you to have several notebooks around your home and one in your car. Then write what you are grateful for or what you have done well many times throughout the whole day.

Again, it is the principle of the exercise that is effective. There are many ways to apply these principles to work with the Universal Laws. So, I encourage you, moving forward, to focus on the essence of the teachings that you read and listen to and come up with your own ways to apply them. It is important, however, to apply them. So do come up with a way and take daily action.

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Is YOUR Highest Truth?

What is your highest truth?
What is your social programming?

Are you aware of what your truth is and what is nothing more than your social programming?

It is important to start practicing true self awareness to free yourself from social programming and find your inner truth. Most people are operating on auto-pilot based on their subconscious programming, and don't even realize that they are living an unconscious life.

I encourage you to start checking in with yourself throughout your day, everyday:

  • How are you feeling?
  • What is your inner guidance guiding you towards?
  • Are you speaking your truth, or saying what you think people want to hear?
  • Are you honoring yourself in your actions or trying to please other people?
  • Do you dress how you feel, or what you think will impress others?
  • Do you spend time with people you really don't want to just so you don't hurt their feelings?
  • Do you live a spiritually guided path or an ego driven path?
  • Do you make decisions in your life consciously or do you just unconsciously react to the circumstances in front of you?
  • Do you take time for self reflection or do you stay in constant 'doing' mode at the mercy of people, circumstances and your 'mind chatter'?
I encourage you to take some time and really reflect on these questions and answer them honestly. If you take the time and have the courage to be completely honest with yourself you may find that a lot of the traits, beliefs, habits, people you associate with and ways you spend your time do not reflect the true you, your highest self. This is not always and easy thing to admit. However, it is the most empowering thing you can do.

When you begin to practice this self awareness and complete honesty you will find your life transforming. You will be tempted to act in old ways because to change can be uncomfortable. Recognize that changing and acting in a way that is in complete alignment with your Higher Self is a process and may not happen over night. You must be patient with the process and with yourself. It may be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes lonely at times.

As you transform, things that are not in alignment with your Higher Self will begin to fall away. It can sometimes take time for the new people, places and things that are in alignment to show up. This can leave you in a state of uncomfortableness and even loneliness during this transition.

During this transition time you may be tempted to go back to old ways. Do your best not to. However, if you do, do so consciously. When you are conscious that you are making these decisions, rather than unconsciously reacting, you are still coming from a place of empowerment. The more you consciously make these decisions, the more you will consciously realize that they do not serve your Higher Good and it will be that much easier to make new decisions that do benefit your Highest Good.

What Is YOUR Highest Truth???

Ryan Pearson
Inspirational Mentor