Monday, May 10, 2010

Allow Your Emotions To Be Felt And Expressed Freely

What a gift it is to be able to feel.
The emotions of love, joy and compassion
fuel the soul and breathe life into
our very existence.

For many people the level to which they
feel has diminished over the years.
After years of disappointments, broken
hearts, stress and all of the
other heart aches built up over time.

People begin to build up walls and
emotional barriers to protect themselves.
We lose that freedom we had when we
first entered this human experience,
to just feel what we feel, without thought,
judgment and without reservation...

Close your eyes and take some deep breathes.
Imagine a time when you were able to feel
freely, when you allowed yourself to just
be in the moment. Imagine a time when you
felt so much love and gratitude that it
overtook your spirit and brought tears
to your eyes.

Allow yourself to feel those emotions again.
Feel them deeply and fully. Allow whatever
reactions your body has to them to happen.
Don't block the tears, allow them to flow.
Cry, if you feel compelled. Release your
feelings, allow them to journey and
flow through your entire being.

I encourage you to start practicing
your self awareness. Practice becoming aware
of when you are living in the moment freely and
allowing your feelings to flow. Notice
when you are blocking and stuffing your
feelings, to protect yourself or 'not
appear weak'.

One of our greatest obstacles to deeply feeling our
emotions, is our Ego. The Ego is the one that tries
to 'Protect Us' by causing us to build walls and
stuff our feelings. Learn how to have your Ego
take a back seat in your life and allow your
Spirit to take the driver's seat in your life.

Enjoy this article, titled 'Spirit, Ego and Law Of Attraction'...,-Ego-and-Law-of-Attraction&id=2568673

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