Thursday, May 13, 2010

Be Like Nature, Follow Your Natural Flow

It is necessary to start learning to practice
following your inner guidance, rather than
your logical mind. It is not always necessary
to know why you are taking a certain action
or making a certain decision, sometimes we need
to just let go, trust and have faith.

We live in a society that is very focused on
logic and mental decisions, rather than feeling.
We are all blessed with an inner guidance
system that is communicating with us through
our thoughts and impulses, moving us towards
our highest good.

Now, let me say that our mind will also trigger
thoughts and impulses that are not necessarily
inner guidance. You must develop a practice
and awareness to learn to know the difference.

Set the intention to stop over analyzing your
life and decisions. Learn to flow like the clouds,
like the water and like nature. Look at animals,
water and clouds, they do not sit and analyze
why they are moving from here to there. They
trust in a higher purpose and move with the
Universal Flow.

We have these same capabilities, but we forget
to flow from this inner guidance because we
get caught up in our logical mind. Don't
get me wrong, the logical mind has it's
place and purpose also. However, most people
use it way more than we need to.

Learn to develop and trust your intuition. Daily
meditation is the most powerful practice that you
can apply and master in your life. Daily
meditation will help you quiet the mind chatter
of your mind and allow you to hear and feel
your higher inner guidance.

Practice being like nature and attuning yourself
to the Universal Flow that is always in alignment
with your highest good. We are more than our
logical minds and self identification, we are
one with the all creative source, we are one
with the Universe.

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Health, Wealth and Love!

Ryan Pearson
S.O.U.L. Coach