Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Help Raise The Vibrational Energy For The Collective Consciousness

I believe most people are primarily
focused on the physical form right in
front of them. Whether that physical form
be a place, thing or person.

Because of this, they see people as
separate from each other, rather
than part of the oneness. Every
thought, action and feeling that
we as individuals have affects
every single other individual.

We are NOT separate, we are one.
I know that you are a person that wants
to do good in the world and help
benefit humanity.

Do you ever feel like you just can't
do enough, there are just too many
people to help, and there is no way
you can reach them all?

Well, you can find peace in knowing
that by just helping one person,
you help everyone. And you can start
with yourself.

By helping yourself or anyone else raise
their vibrational consciousness, you
are helping to raise the vibrational
consciousness of the whole of humanity.

Continue to do what is necessary
for yourself to feel good, happy and
joyful and be open to being of service,
whenever the opportunity presents itself,
to whoever is nearest to you. By doing
this you are an active participant in
helping the evolution and atonement
of humanity.

Thank you, for shining your light
on this beautiful planet. I appreciate
you greatly : )

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Ryan Pearson
S.O.U.L. Coach